• millymill | December 14, 2017

    10 Tips to Surviving your first year as a Mother

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     Everyday I look at my first born and realize how quickly they grow out of the baby stage. Yet it seemed like it was never ending when first experiencing it.

    1.Accept that you will not be getting any sleep for the first 3 months(at least).

    This is probably the biggest issue many moms deal with. Being sleepy and tired is just a part of          being a mom. Until I accepted this with each one of my kids I was so miserable waking up for each feeding and cry. Once I accepted it I was much more patient and ok with waking up every 3 hours. It’s so normal now.

    2.  Stay Off of Amazon during late night feedings.

    I can’t tell you how many times I would order things in the middle of the night. Usually baby things, things that I thought would help my kid/s sleep better(sometimes educational toys, books, etc). A lot of times I wouldn’t even remember that I ordered something until it came. So save your $$$ and stay away from Amazon at night.

    3.  Don’t expect everything to happen by the book.

    My first born did everything by the book. She slept through the night at 2 months, was rolling over at 3 months, sitting up at 6 months and got her 1st tooth, etc. Once my 2nd daughter was born I expected the same thing to happen. I was so wrong and only stressed myself out. She started eating solids way later than 6 months. Her teeth didn’t start coming in until she was about 8 months. She was barely crawling at 9.5 months and finally started walking at 14 months. Now, she can barely stay still! Every baby is different and do things on their own time.

    4.  Stay away from Google.

    Don’t google! It’s so hard to stay away but it will save you so much stress. Google seems to give the most severe cases and sends you into a panic. If you’re concerned about something just take your kid to the doctors. 90% of the time you will realize your child has no issues. I remember when my daughter woke up with a lazy eye and I started googling and researching things. I thought she had a tumor(God forbid) because that’s what google was saying. I took her to the doctors and there was absolutely nothing wrong with her. She was just tired and didn’t get enough sleep.

    5.  Accept Help.

    If people(close friends and family) are volunteering to help you, accept it! I still struggle with accepting help but when I do it’s such a relief. Accept meals, accept for someone to come sit with the baby while you shower or even take sometime to enjoy a hot meal. You don’t have to leave your child to accept help. I only say that because I know a lot of first time moms don’t want to leave their baby with anyone because they feel guilty. I know I did.

    6.  Breastfeed or Don’t.

    Don’t kill yourself trying to breastfeed because that’s what everyone is telling you to do. To some it comes very natural and easy and to some it’s complete hell. Whatever you choose make sure you’re happy and stress free. Millions of kids are not breastfed and turn out just fine. Don’t feel bad if you can’t. If you can then great! I breastfed all of mine because I always had a lot of milk so I felt bad wasting it and not giving it to them. Also there are a lot of advantages, so for me it just worked.

    7.  Learn your Babies Cries.

    Your child does not have to be fed every time they cry. Sometimes they will cry because they are hungry. Sometimes they will cry because they are wet. Other times they will cry because they just don’t want to be left alone laying there. They will also cry if they are too tired and you aren’t leaving them alone. This will come with time and experience.

    8.  Take lots of Photos and Videos.

    Time flies by so fast once you have a kid. It’s scary how quickly they grow up. I love looking back at pictures and comparing my kids. Who was chunkier, who was taller, but my favorite is recreating pictures with each one. I have 1000s of photos of each kid.

    9.  Do not listen to anyone! ONLY your heart and gut.

    Everyone and their mama will be telling you what to do and how to do it. Put your foot down from day one and let people know advice is not needed unless asked for it. Mommy knows best!! Don’t let anyone control or manipulate you because it’s your first time.

    10.  This will pass.

    There are so many phases that kids go through. So many! Some are stressful, some are exhausting, some are exciting. The ones I am referring to are the exhausting ones. Every stage lasts just long enough for your patience to not run out. I always give myself small talks about sucking it up and trying to enjoy them because before we know it they will be teens who want nothing to do with us.

    Bonus Survival tip for you and the baby.

    Hug and kiss even on the bad days. Always tell them no matter what is happening you love them and are there for them.







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  • millymill | December 14, 2017

    What a Weekend!

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    A mother’s and a wife’s job is never done! Literally! Ever!

    My little ones have all been fighting some sort of bug for the last month or so. Everyone has had something different. Our oldest woke up Monday morning with a head ache and a fever. Minutes later she was at the toilet throwing up. Middle baby has had a cough and a runny nose since she started daycare at the end of October. Finally we went to the doctors with her and the youngest and found out she had an ear infection. The little one had pink eye, runny nose and a cough. GREAT! Nothing we can do for that because she’s only 2.5 months. Middle grasshopper was prescribed antibiotics. All while the oldest is still running a pretty high fever. Fast forward to Friday, oldest fever has gone up to 104 several times since Monday and doesn’t seem to be dropping. I decided to take her to urgent care. Once at the Urgent Care they ran some tests and basically told us to go home and wait. If she ran a fever for 7 days to take her to CHOP for blood work.

    Of course I couldn’t leave my husband without dinner so I made chicken and shrimp Alfredo before I left. While at Urgent care he called me a few times and I ignored it because I was speaking with the nurse. Once I was in the car he called again and I answered. His eyes and lips were swollen and I was ready to burst out in laughter. Then he started talking and I thought “Oh crap! He’s not calling to laugh.” I still thought he had a reaction that benadril could fix. When I got home I saw that in just those few minutes it got much worse. His eyes swollen, lips swollen 3xs the size of Kylie Jenner’s, hives all over his body, standing and gulping down a half gallon of milk. It was about 11:00PM. Now it was his turn to head to the ER. Later he called and said he may look that swollen for the next week. Anyone that knows me knows that I suck at hiding my face expressions. He laughed and said ok not a week but maybe two days. Finally at 2 am he was home and in bed clear of the allergic reaction.

    By Sunday everyone seemed to be coming back to life. This was just an example of one of those “When it rains, it pours” days.

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  • millymill | December 7, 2017

    Elf on the Shelf

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    I love different holiday traditions. First holiday season having a kid I told myself we will have traditions. I want my kids to grow up and have lots of good and fun memories to look back on. This happens to be super fun and cute. Most importantly it puts a smile on their faces every morning! If you have not heard of Elf on the Shelf then let me quickly fill you in. Basically he/she is Santa’s elf who watches the kids during the day and report to Santa at night. The kids can not touch him and he moves to a different place in the house everyday…Via Mother of course!

    Here are some places the Elfa Graham has been this year.


    Elfa decided to throw a party with the Graham Crackers.

    Soft balls bath, ahhhhh, nothing like it.

    Elfa buil herself a bootlegged parachute.

    Snow flakes?


    Elfa knew where Ava was spending the weekend and found her. bwhahahaha

    Elfa beat us home.

    All the other toys think Elfa brought them gifts. smh


    Elfa came in through the window with her ladder.

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  • millymill | November 21, 2017

    Married to Medicine: Jackie & Curtis

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    Together 17 years and married for 15. Sounds like there’s a pretty solid foundation in a marriage that has lasted 15 years, right? It probably is but just like in a house if there’s an issue and you continue to ignore it eventually it can come crumbling down. The property will lose it’s value, regardless of the foundation. Jackie has been through a lot breast cancer, not being able to have children and now this. All her friends believe she didn’t deserve it because of what she’s been through in life. To be honest, those trials and tribulations have nothing to do with what is going on in her marriage now.

    Now, I do not believe anyone gets married and thinks “I am going to cheat” or “I am going to get cheated on”. I also think many men/women believe that the longer you are married the less likely you are to be cheated on. FALSE! I believe the longer you are married the harder it is to keep a solid, happy, and valuable marriage. Why? New things are always exciting, new experiences, new homes, cars, kids, etc. Well, after so many years it turns into work. You have to make time for one another, you have to continue to love and show effort. You have got to keep on gluing and building. It doesn’t stop. Ever!

    Curtis has voiced his want/needs and concerns to Jackie on several occasions. He also has supported her in everything she’s ever gone through. A big part of it is he is at an age where he is ready to enjoy the benefits of their hard work. Enjoying life alone is not fun or exciting, especially when you are married and should be doing so with your SO. Two seasons ago his wants were aired when they were looking for a new home to buy. That means for 2+ years he has been asking, begging and waiting for her to make time for him. Last season it was clear that she was only becoming busier. Just stating the known…

    Was cheating a solution? I am sure for Curtis cheating was a temporary fix, maybe until Jackie decided to lay some work off. It certainly was not a solution though! I believe he could have asked Jackie for a divorce/separation until things were where they needed them to be in their marriage. Never do I  think that cheating is okay or acceptable. I do understand WHY he felt the need to cheat and did cheat. He’s been a good husband to Jackie and was not asking much. Jackie was wrong from the gate if you ask me. I understand that her job is her baby but even babies come 2nd to a husband. At a certain age you really have to slow down and enjoy life as well as one another. When your husband pretty much begs you for your time and tells you he needs it, your marriage needs it, you need to give that time to him. By no means am I saying she should have quit her job but she should have definitely went over her list of priorities.

    The problem many relationships face is lack of communication, lack of understanding one another, lack of addressing the issues and really fixing them. Many times couples(married or not) will argue and voice their issues with one another and never work on a game plan to fix the issues. It gets brushed under the rug until the next argument. Never ending cycle. Eventually someone gets fed up and well, this happens.

    Outside looking in it is really easy to feel bad for the women in such situations. I don’t believe any 100% happy man or woman will cheat on their SO. If they do 9 times out of 10 something in their marriage was off.

    What is your view on the situation? Who was wrong in your eyes and can they fix it? Comment below and let me know!! Let’s discuss.

    For the actual

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