10 Days Until Baby girl is 7 months!

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Where do i start? As she grows i am realizing the changes and growth within myself. I have become selfless, patient, very emotional, and affectionate. This little girl changed my entire life but i can honestly say I LOVE every minute i spend with her. I enjoy changing her, washing her, playing with her, every single thing we do together i cherish. I know she won’t stay a baby forever and that’s why every minute counts. She is crawling, has 2 bottom teeth and one coming in on the top, she sits up on her own, tries to walk on her knees, sings, growls, screams, entertains, etc. Wait! How could i forget? She tortures Chloe! LOL

She brings us so much joy! I owe her my life!


I am a mother until I take my last breath. I do not believe in letting go once she is 18. Looking back I see why my parents were the way they were as I was growing up. I thought at 18 I had it all figured out and for the most part I did but if i had listened and stayed with my parents life would have been a lot easier. I do not regret the path i chose but I don’t want my daughter out on her own until she is successful or at least close to it.

I promise to stick by her and guide her in the right direction the best i know how.


My Biggest fear is failing her. Then I think about it and i can’t see that happening. We work hard to maintain and give her a good life. I am 2 weeks away from having my bachelor’s degree, we try to be the best people we can be. I will not allow her to be or see negativity. I will make sure to keep and protect her innocence as long as I can. IF all she knows is a good life and success this will be the only path she knows to take.

I pray we do a good job raising our beauty.

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