10 Fall Date Ideas

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As I have gotten older I have learned to love each season in it’s own way. I love fall because it just makes me think of cuddling, candles, pumpkins, coziness, hoodies, hot chocolate, leaves everywhere, etc. It’s the perfect season for cool dates!


1. Have a bonfire with some flannel blankets, hot chocolate, & good conversation.

2. Go to a Haunted House maybe bring some couple friends with you.

3. Find a Harvest Festival in the area and check it out

4. Go Apple/Pumpkin picking then come back home and make a pumpkin

or an apple pie.

5. Decorate & Carve pumpkins to put outside your home or in your windows.

6. If you have kids make sure your husband and kids go playing in the leaves!

7. FEED THE HOMELESS. This will make you both good and others better!

8.Go Sexy Halloween Costume Shopping for the bedroom. 😉 Enjoy! hehehe

9.Go Halloween Costume & Candy Shopping. Grab some pumpkin spice on

the way.

10. Have a Halloween Party after trick or treating. No one is too old for candy.

Even if you are married or in a long term relationship make it a point to date one another. At least once in a while!

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