2 Years Old Already?!?

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Almost 2 years ago our grasshopper was born. These last 2 years have flown by unbelievably fast. We are expecting baby #2 and our baby is turning 2! This last year I have learned a lot about myself and about life all through our daughter. She has taught me patience, she’s teaching me to go with the flow(the hardest lesson thus far), she’s taught me forgiveness and most importantly how to love unconditionally.

She, herself is a character. Her personality is out of this world. Her brain is a sponge that takes in every single thing in. She observes everything and everyone. I like to step back and watch her observe people and things. Right now Russian is her 1st language but she understands English very well. Baby girl loves to dance and listen to music and loves family! Which is the most important thing to us. Face-time with her great aunts, great gmom, and cousins is an everyday thing. Books and stories are her favorite out of the million and one toys she has. Bed time stories are a must before her naps and bed time.

Most bittersweet thing about this birthday is, it’s her last birthday being the only child. I am ecstatic for her to have a sister and celebrate all good things with. I look forward to her sharing her good times with her sister and can’t wait to help them build an unbreakable bond.

Lastly! When she was born I told myself I will take professional photos pf her every holiday and birthday. Well, we tried out a newborn photo-shoot and we were not impressed. It wasn’t expensive but it was defenitly something I could have done myself. Therefore I started taking photos of her all on my own and in the convenience of our home.

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  1. Vanessa Jackson

    March 10, 2016 at 12:56 pm

    Birthday blessing to special little girlwho will soon be an excellent big sister.

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