6 Must Do’s for a Productive Day.

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1. Clean up your mess, electronics, blankets, dishes, etc. It feels much better waking up to a clean space than waking up thinking “I have to pick up this, that and the third”.

2. Pick out your outfit before bed. Think of what makeup look you are going for and pull out all the products you will need.

3. Shower before bed! Saves so much time in the morning!

4. Have a small breakfast. Yogurt, avocado and egg sandwich, oatmeal, etc. Just something simple but filling. Have a cup of Joe or tea to go with.

5. Take 15 minutes to go over all emails, daily errands, to-dos for the day.

6. Last, if you have time left take 15 minutes to just get yourself to a quiet corner and prepare yourself for the day ahead. (I never have time to actually do this).

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