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My name is Milly Mill. I was actually named by my aunt after a Soap Opera.LOL.
I am 25 years old, married, a mother of a beautiful baby girl. I have one younger brother and my parents are still Happily Married. Growing up my brother fought like there was no tomorrow and up until High School I had a great relationship with my parents, then things went downhill. Anyways long story short after many years my parents and my best friends. The greatest lessons I have learned from my parents are… 1. No matter who you have around you always have to be able to handle life alone. 2. Never depend on anyone but allow others to depend on you. 3. Love genuinely and be honest. 4. Save Money!! LOL Obviously they have taught us a lot more but these are the things I constantly replay in my head.

Our life started in Baku, Azerbaijan, to New York, to Reading, PA, to Philadelphia, PA. Growing up I loved basketball, and bikes, and just playing outdoors.

I worked at TJ MAxx when I turned 16 and then got a 2nd job at McDonalds. I have always liked to keep myself busy and make my own money. I later attended Community College of Philadelphia and later transferred to DeVry University to get my Bachelors in Business Management/HR. During that time my boyfriend(husband now) and I moved out and started our “grown up” life. Soon we saved enough to move to our first apartment and that’s when real life started. Real Bills, Real plans, Real Goals, etc. After living there for 3 years, changing jobs, having a baby, it was time to move on. We purchased our first house a year ago and now are onto bigger goals and plans.

I always wanted to do something of my own. Something outside of what I went to school for. That’s how I turned to this blog. I have always had a passion for fashion, hair, makeup but my parents would never allow me to go to school for those things. Also along the way I have fallen in love with my relationships, being a mother, and living my life. Therefore I’ve brought it all into one place Spoon Full of Mill. I hope to grow this blog and do what I love through it.

I met my husband in the 9th grade. In my mind it was just a high school thing and at first I expected nothing from it being as though we just got to High School. There was still so much to experience, so much time left to look and find other people. We had lots of downs but even more ups. We got engaged about 3 years ago, married the following year and had our daughter the year after.


Our daughter is pictured below. She is almost 2 now and she is so smart and funny. I really think she looks like her dad and has my brains. Now she is starting to form her own personality and it is so crazy because she reminds me so much of me. She is so hands on, independent, determined and very stubborn!! We usually play with her as if we are her age. We crawl, scream, laugh jump, dance. We do it all with her.


Our over all Home Life is very Peaceful! Routines are a must. Peace is a must. Also I have OCD! The house has to be cleaned from top to bottom once or twice a week. We purchased our home about a year and a half ago and are still making it a home. Not to be cheesy but honestly, my favorite thing about our home is who I share it with. It excites me that this is where we will build our family and the foundation for all of our children. I love that when people come over they say “I love how peaceful your home is!”. Last, I love that we live down the street from my family(mom, dad, brother).

Last but not least. I love fashion, hair, makeup and food! I decided to start this blog to unleash those passions of mine. Of’course I want to include my family life and just my entire world. I hope to be able to stick to this and dedicate myself.

Thanks for stopping by!


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