Affordable DIY Teepee

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Hello Lovely People!

Welcome back to my blog!

I have been going through this redecorating stage and have been doing lots and lots of research. My focus is on Ava’s room and then the rest of the house. I want to decorate her room to last a few years. Therefore I am staying away from animals, characters, etc.

One thing I’ve been dying to get her is a teepee for reading. LORD!!! Have you seen the prices?!? I think every single one I looked at was $150-$250 and most were pretty small(Curtis & I wouldn’t fit in there with her). Well, I am pretty handy when I want to be so I figured why not DIM(do it myself)?!?!?

I went to and purchased the following items. 11874013_10152936800796493_1727270267_n

*Canvas Drop Cloth

*Rope like yarn

*Hardwood Round Dowel (4)

Total of $43.44 (Before taxes & S&H)

I purchased a glue gun but ended up not using it.



Step 1:

Start by tying 2 poles together at the height where you want your teepee to be. Remember the spot where u tie it is where you will tie the canvas as well. 11868656_10152936811941493_772909198_n


Step 2:

Add the remaining 2 poles and tie them all together. You don’t have to tie them tight because you will also drill holes through the poles to permanently keep the poles attached and in place.


Step 3:

Draw dots where you want the holes to be drilled. Then drill through the pole and stick the yarn through the holes.


(Curtis drilled the wholes. I don’t know how to and also was afraid to crack the poles being as though I only bought 4. )

Step 4:

Tie the poles together tightly and make sure they are all set evenly apart. I didn’t want it too wide and low. I had to keep tightening the yarn to make it stand high and wide enough for one of us and Ava to fit. Adjust the size accordingly to you and your little one/s.

Step 4:

I wrapped the canvas with the center leaning against the back of the teepee base, where the yarn starts. I cut 2 small(enough for the yarn to go through) slits in the canvas and put the yarn through. Then tied it right around the part where our yarn is. I used a safety pin to pull the yarn through the canvas.



Step 5:

Make sure the poles are standing straight, even and tight.

(Also if you know how to sew you could sew about an inch of the canvas that is tied right down the front. )


11910919_10152936811881493_3724296_n11913029_10152936811891493_1962385137_n11903481_10152936811921493_1852643516_nADVICE: Iron the canvas before you do anything. I forgot and when I realized it was too late.

You can decorate the teepee however you want. I saw this cool, light up A at target and thought it would look awesome on the teepee.

I will post updated pictures of her room and the teepee in there once it is all complete.


If you wish to order a teepee feel free to email me @

If you have any questions comment and I’ll respond.

Enjoy this teepee with your kids!

Perfect little spot for QT!!!

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