Ava is One!

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March 23, 2014

March 23, 2015! Ava Giselle Graham turns 1 today! 1! Already!!! [Screaming]

This year flew by. I am still shocked that she is already one. I can honestly say this has been the BEST year of my life. I have learned to love like never before. I have gained energy and strength I’ve never had and I have become so much more focused on OUR family, Our life, & OUR home. She has taught me so much so fast. I am forever grateful for her.

Enough about me because it’s her day. I am sure all parents say/think their child is so cute & so smart & so funny. Ava is really a little ball of energy. She has made it so easy to be her parents. She gives us no problems! She loves when I read to her. Her favorite thing to do is listen to music & dance. She loves to look at her clothes and get dressed, every time I open her closet she says “Ahhhhhhh”. Chloe & Rocky(Dog & Cat) are her best friends…or so she thinks. She knows how to say “dada”, “otday”(give me in Russian), “mama”(when she feels like it). Ava waves hi & bye, motions come here, give me, points to what she wants, does “nu nu nu”(no no no, with finger motion). She knows how to walk, crawl, and wipe things down. She makes us Proud! She is so kind and sweet. Every morning seeing her face just starts off your day the best way possible. One on one time with her is the most amazing thing in the world. It’s like a different world. I never knew a child could make such a huge difference in Life. She has complete our life!11079316_10152635060576493_1930617582_nDSC_166511084377_10152635060326493_28232178_n11076035_10152635038816493_669880651_n11081866_10152635038641493_1735715034_n11082683_10152635038576493_483243564_n11084574_10152635038461493_448177063_n

I look forward to raising this beautiful child of ours for many more years to come! Motivating her, supporting her, and just being the best parents we can be.


Cake Smash Photo Cred: Ava’s Mama


Chloe & Ava


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