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Breastfeeding is one of the hardest things I have done in my life. Breastfeeding is also one of the best things I can give to my kids for their entire life. The benefits are endless and worth all the pain and frustration that it brings. I often see debates about breastfeeding vs. formula feeding and the response I see is “Fed is best”. I totally disagree with that response. Of course you have to feed your child but I don’t believe that’s the best answer. I also don’t have anything against formula if you absolutely can’t breastfeed. I’ve heard moms say “I was too tired to breastfeed”, “I didn’t have enough milk”, “It hurts when I breastfeed”, “I didn’t want to ruin my boobs”. I can go on and on but let’s leave it at that.

Breastfeeding 3 kids I feel like I have it all figured out. I probably don’t so feel free to comment your tips and tricks. With each one of the kids I have breastfed and pumped. They were ok with being on the breast and eating from a bottle from day one. I loved it that way because if I had to go grocery shopping or just step out they were ok and I didn’t have to rush. First 4 months I normally fed them and then would pump right after. It was super important to me to build a stock since I work full time and the baby was/is with the nanny.

Now, I have to be completely honest. The first six weeks of breastfeeding is the hardest. With my first daughter there were nights when I made a few bottles of formula but I felt so bad giving them to her I dumped them out and went ahead and breastfed her. Not to mention the growth spurts when they want to eat every single hour. How about the cracked nipples and the excruciating pain at first? It’s by no means easy but it is so worth it.

How do I produce more milk that needed? 

  • Pump after each feeding 5 minutes each breast.
  • Power pump anytime I had time. Power pumping is pumping for an hour with breaks in between. This tricks your body into thinking you need to make more milk.
  • Have a comfortable/convenient pumping station. Pumping bra, 2 bottles/bags, and a book or your phone.
  • Drink Mother’s Milk tea.
  • Take Fenugreek vitamins.
  • Eat healthy and well.
  • Eat lots of oatmeal.
  • Drink lots of water.

Benefits of breastfeeding.

They say babies that are breastfed grow up to be less picky eaters.

It’s free.

It’s made up of antibodies, white cells and enzymes.

Great defense against UTIs, ear infections.

Helps Emotional Development.


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