Brutal Truth about having a Newborn

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My “Newborn” is 5 weeks now and I’ve noticed a lot of things this time around that I didn’t with my first.

Now, before I get into the dirt remember I am OBSESSED with my kids! Love them to death and I’d like to believe I take very good care of them(Don’t all parents think that?). I just have to be honest that it is not all sprinkles and unicorns. Not at all!

It’s OK to not want to hold your baby as soon as they pull him/her out.

Both of my girls were pretty disgusting when they tried to put her on me and make me hold her. Both times I asked them to clean her off first. They are covered in all types of bodily fluids and sometimes will even poop/pee on you right out the womb.

Sorry to be the one to break it to you but 90% of newborns  are creepy looking.

If your baby is super chunky and soft then maybe they are a part of the 10%. Most look like little aliens with cone heads, swollen eyes, and these tiny little bodies. In a few days they will become a little cuter and cuter as the time goes on. A lot of times you don’t realize how creepy they looked until they are cute so don’t worry.

It’s not Love at First Sight

I hear/read people say “I fell in love with my baby as soon as I saw him/her”. How?!?!?! It is a complete stranger that just popped out of you. Yes it’s YOUR stranger, YOUR child but there is no bond there yet. The relationship is just like any other it takes time to build. The child and the mother have to get to know one another.

The first thought I had with both my kids is “They are my responsibility”, “I have to raise these babies to be well mannered, behaved, respectful, smart little girls”. Each day I fall in love with them more and more but I didn’t feel it right off the bat.

(Breastfeeding Moms) Cluster Feeds!!!

I don’t think formula fed babies do this but I am not sure. Breastfed babies will find a time  during the day to cluster feed. Usually at night from 5,6 to 8,9 they will want to leach onto your breast none stop. It’s nice at first (bonding time) but once reality sets in that you have to take care of another child, dinner, home and bedtime well forget about it! It is the most annoying thing in the world. The baby is NOT hungry but is basically storing food/milk IN CASE we decide not to feed him/her at night.

Night Time Feeds

Most newborns wake up a few times a night to breastfeed because it digests much quicker than formula. Well, the first few nights it’s nice and you want to cuddle and spend time with your baby but after a while… You turn into a zombie/robot that automatically hops out of bed and goes to feed the baby.

Now, the brutal truth about this is I am not sure if as parents we get up to feed the baby, to hurry up and get to him/her before they start hollering at the top of their lungs, or we hurry in to feed them to get it over with and go back to bed.

The Middle of the Night Cry

Of course first we try to change, feed, hold the baby but when none of that works what happens? Don’t forget you are sleepy as heck and just want to calm the baby down and go back to sleep.

It’s the most frustrating/annoying sound you could hear. All your rules get thrown out of the window and all of the sudden co-sleeping is the best choice. Even rocking doesn’t seem to bad!


Once again I repeat I love, love, love my daughters. I enjoy being a mother more than anything else. At the same time I am not blind and am still a human who is very honest. Being a parent is the most rewarding job one can ever have but just like anything else it has it’s ups and downs.

If you have the brutal truth about your newborn to share, feel free to do so in the comments.

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  1. Jasmine

    July 22, 2016 at 12:48 pm

    I LOOOOOOOVE this article! I especially love the bonding part. I did not immediately bond with any of my kids. My oldest I was terrified of because she was my first and I honestly thought she was going to live in the hospital. The twins, well that’s self explanatory, I was NOT feeling having 2 newborns at the same time with 2 different feeding types(Addi was breastfed and Averie was bottle fed). With my son it was a little different. The bond wasn’t there but for some reason he made me more relaxed. With him I knew not to force anything this time. I knew to just wait and experience his little life day by day. Having kids is not sunshine and daisies but it’s an experience I wouldn’t change for the world! Thank you for sharing your truths and there are MILLIONS of moms who feel just like this. I know I did

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