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  • millymill | March 25, 2015

    Understanding Why Men Cheat


    I understand I don’t support or agree with it.

    Men are visual creatures. Not to say that it’s all about looks but a man wants something nice to look at. A man wants a woman that he knows other men would love to have. A woman is supposed to be a great mother, a great house keeper, and most importantly a good wife.

    A good wife to a man is someone who keeps the house clean, a hot plate of food on the table, children well taken care of, supportive, caring, loving and of course sexually pleasing to her husband. There is one little detail that can fix and prevent almost any and every problem in a marriage and it’s called COMMUNICATION. If you are having sex on the regular, your bills are paid and your communication is on point you can say your marriage is successful.

    Now let’s get to it…

    1. Cheating/sex is a drug. It’s a high some men get and just like any other drug it’s hard to recover from. It’s exciting and new and adventurous because it has to be a secret.

    2. The wife may no longer be attractive to him. This usually happens because she gets so caught up in life, kids, home, HIM, she forgets herself. She forgets that she still has to put the effort in to herself as she did before all the responsibilities came along. After all he fell in love with who she was.

    3. Sex is not the same. Not enough. Boring.

    4. Communication. There are a lot of problems that could be in the picture but no one is voicing them. Therefore it’s very easy for a man to go out and have an affair which to him is like therapy. After he’s done he comes home and feels okay. No reason to argue because in his mind I got my drug for the day, I am good!

    5. Comfortable. Some men and women get so comfortable in their life that even if they are unhappy they rather stay together and enjoy themselves on the outside with someone else. They may stay married for the kids (as way too many people do). Not realizing kids feel the disconnect and you don’t want them to grow up thinking that’s what a marriage is supposed to be.

    6. Love & Support. Wives do tend to nag a lot and no man wants to constantly deal with it. Usually a man wants to know a woman got his back, if he falls she can carry him and support him. Love has to be shown one way or another. When this is not the case at home he can easily find a woman who will listen and show support because in all reality it’s easy for her to do when those problems don’t involve her. She’s the “solution”.

    7. Attention. Men are like babies. They want attention, lots of attention. Emotional. Physical. etc.

    8. Weak women help men cheat. If a man knows his wife needs him, depends on him, can not handle life alone, this helps him enjoy himself on the outside. All while having a home, kids, wife, etc. He is having his cake and eating it too.

    How to Fix it:

    1. Be strong! Speak up when you feel like something is not right. You can fix it before things go too far. Don’t be afraid to fight for your marriage. Yes it may not get better right away but eventually it will. If you don’t speak up consider your whole life ruined.

    2. Take responsibility. A SMART man will not cheat on a good wife. There has to be something you have done wrong. You pushed him away, you have become sloppy, lazy, careless, dependent. Pull yourself together and get the woman he fell in love with back.

    3. Dedicate time to your marriage. Get your groove back. Date nights!

    4. Work together not against one another. A marriage is one and is a team. Do not allow anyone on the outside break you.


    If you have problems get to work. If you don’t well, keep up the good work.



  • millymill | February 13, 2015

    The best & Free Valentine’s Day Gift.


    Miami June 2013


    Valentines Day is 1 day away!! If you are reading this more than likely you are still trying to figure out what to do or what to gift to your special someone. OR you are just being nosey. Either way, read on. You won’t regret it.

    If you are even celebrating this holiday it means you have someone special, someone you are really interested in and maybe even in love with. Well if that’s the case trust and believe a gift won’t mean much… Unless its an 18 kt diamond of course! Just kidding! Let’s focus! Most gifts don’t speak, they don’t hug, they don’t love and they get old. Special times are remembered for ever.

    Truth is most of us are too busy for one another. Working, learning, taking care of home, following our dreams, building a life, etc. we put out loved ones to the side because “they understand”. Well, they do but that doesn’t mean lets never show our love and appreciation. Life will never wait for us.

    Valentine’s Day falls on Saturday. Perfect! Now let’s plan this day that you will gift your other half. Wake up and prepare breakfast, eat breakfast together and talk about your future together, your plans, & dreams. After either go flop onto the couch together or go take a hot bubble bath together. After the bath get dinner going. Now, grab a blanket and slide in your favorite movies and spend the day cuddling, enjoying one another and just loving eachother. This will be appreciated and remembered, I promise. Don’t get chocolate & don’t get those cheesy flowers. They die, and the chocolate is usually gone within minutes.

    I remember about 4-5 years ago when my husband and I first moved out our money was tight. It was a weekend and we had nothing to do and really not much money to spend. He went to the corner store, bought a bunch of snacks, and hoagies and brought it back home. We had an in bed picnic and spent the entire day in the bed watching movies. It was nice, and i remember it. It wasn’t planned and it didn’t cost us more than $8-10. Just a little GhettoFabulous but it was cute!

    Of course, there are a million and one free things to do on this holiday but the one i mentioned is my favorite.

    Some free gifts…

    1. Sex
    2. Oral Sex
    3. Cook breakfast/lunch/dinner
    4. Make a scrapbook
    5. Make a CD with your/his/her favorite music
    6. Dress up!
    7. Send him sexy pictures of yourself
    8. Send him/her a lovely e-mail
    9. LOVE

    This list can go on and on but I am going to stop here. I believe in love and I believe in expressing it! Show eachother love, appreciation, commitment, and share your time with them.


    You’re welcome! Have a Happy V-Day!

  • millymill | February 8, 2015

    Nothing Personal, Everything’s Kosher.


    1 Family 2 Different Worlds.

    Growing up we were always told we had to marry within our culture & religion. It was just “the right” thing to do. It was a tradition. As I got older I never had any interest in our culture/religion. It wasn’t because I didn’t think they were good enough but I am not a big fan of other people’s traditions. I have always felt like my life, my own traditions. Also growing up it seemed like most of my relatives were divorced because they married men/women who they were told to marry.

    Lets fast forward to my marriage. I married outside of my culture/religion. I don’t regret it one bit because I married for love and not because we had the same traditions, culture, or ate the same food. I do understand why we were always told to marry within our culture/religion though. It would make life a little bit easier. The views would be the same, the goals would be the same, food, traditions, families, lifestyles would be the same, etc.

    The difference in traditions and cultures causes a separation. All events are split into two and will probably never be one. No two families are alike, that is true. I come from a Middle Eastern Jewish family, where my husband is from an American Christian family. Two completely different worlds! These different worlds show in almost everything we do and how we do things. For example everything my family and I do it has to be BIG, Fancy Shmancy, perfect and on point. My side is also very closed knit and rarely let any non-family(blood) in. It sounds harsh but it’s the truth and it has worked for them so many centuries why change now? Not to mention different lifestyles, outlooks on life, and the huge language barrier. I would feel horrible putting together two families that have to sit at a table and struggle to communicate…who would enjoy that dinner?! When it comes to my husband’s side they are very welcoming, simple, and easy to please. I am not going to get into religious reasons for our family’s actions but that is where all traditions stem from.

    As I get older I notice I have inherited some traditions but I have chose to take them and continue with them. I chose to break the traditions, not my family so I don’t and will never expect them to change things that work for them. Other than that I want our family to have our own NEW traditions.

    At the end of the day OUR family is now Curtis, Ava, Chloe(dog), Rocky(cat), & myself. Anyone else is an outsider. Even though it’s an inconvenience to live in these two different worlds it is not a big deal because our home is and always will be happy.

    This is Just our Family Life. <3


  • millymill | January 30, 2015

    12 Tips for a 1st Date


    One of Our many Successful Dates


    As we know first dates can go two ways…..back to his house or back home to your lonely apartment. Truthfully speaking no one looking for a long term relationship wants to be that girl giving it up on the first nor do you want to be that girl walking home from an awkward night with thoughts of spending the rest of your life alone. We’ve all been there….a bit dramatic but come on isn’t our first date suppose to be a scene out of Sex and the City anyway! At least with the pressure of a “first date” that’s what comes to mind. Well ladies, let’s stop thinking about forever on the first night and live in the moment for a night and who knows you may end up like Carrie and Big….or Samantha and her many men. Here are 12 tips on making a first date a successful one….

    1. Be Spontaneous. The traditional dinner can sometime put too much pressure on the first night. Staring into my face will only make me think I have lipstick on my teeth. Maybe, an arcade, somewhere you can dance.

    2. Go Dutch. Don’t kill me yet ladies, Going dutch will not only be a turn on for a real man but it will also be your escape plan for the a horrible date. I mean you don’t want to feel obligated to be on this date that you just are not enjoying. Again, it will also show confidence and independence in a woman. Second date, let him take care of it.

    3. Make back up plans. Something with your girlfriends preferably, it will either give you something to look forward to after this long night or you will be excited to talk about it afterwards and get the stress out of that first date. And who other to do that with than your favorite girls?

    4. Don’t get overdressed. Keep it casual unless otherwise. Don’t overdue your makeup, hair, or wear your most expensive pair of shoes yet. Make sure this guy is worthy and then whip our your secret beauty weapons. A real man will appreciate more and it will lead to the 3rd, 4th, 5th and hopefully the 6th date (marriage). Just kidding about the marriage. It will also give him something to look forward too and keep things exciting!

    5. Go with the flow. Don’t go into this date expecting things, that is the recipe for a horrible date. When you don’t expect things, you will never be disappointed. That goes for the date itself and the person you are on this date with. Also, avoid long term talk, save that for a later time. You don’t want to look desperate.

    6. Most importantly Have Fun. It this date fails, it will be another funny story for you and your girlfriends to laugh at years later when you’ve found the right one. And Sometimes you have to go through a million (hopefully not a million, again unless you are Samantha from Sex in the City. ) bad dates to know what a great, dream date feels like!

    7. Turn off your phone. If you are truly interested in this fella then you need to give him your undivided attention just like you are expecting. Now don’t get me wrong, if you feel like the date is just not going as planned then you can quickly turn that bad boy on and let your girls bail you out with and “emergency”.

    8.Don’t drink a lot! You don’t want to look like a drunk, slob, and someone that can’t control themselves. Have a coctail and a water if you need to.

    9. Respect! Expect it & show it! Be on time, don’t get too personal, be polite to people around if you end up interacting with someone. Being rude and nasty is never attractive so leave your ratchet side at home.

    10. Flirt! Don’t be a skank now! Flirt with class, giggle, lightly touch your dates arm during conversations. Now, I am going to tell you a little secret. They say that when you like someone you mirror their actions. Meaning they will flirt back and smile, giggle, etc.

    11.Be REAL! Be YOU! Don’t pretend to be someone you are not. You have to be exactly who you are because if this goes further your true self will come out any ways. Let your date fall in love with who you are.

    12. Call. If you had a fantastic date then send a simple message after saying “Thanks for tonight! I had a great time & hope we can do this again.” Don’t be shy. You are an adult and no need to play the waiting game. If you had a terrible time put his/her on the block list and be done! Just Kidding! Become friends. lol


    Let me know about your first dates below!!