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  • millymill | December 7, 2014

    Date Night Idea.


    Usually a man asks a woman on a date and wines & dines her, but of course he’s expecting something at the end. Now what if the tables were turned!? What if the WOMAN took the man out! Take charge.

    What’s a cool date to take a man on? No, not a dinner and a movie! Too plaid out, too expected.

    Take him GoCarting. If you live in the Philadelphia area a cool place is called Speed Race Way. Located in Horsham, PA. Now, if you do not just google go carting and you will find places near you. If you are not interested in Go Carting go to an Arcade. Why such places? Well, they let you let down, your inner child comes out, laughs, and just a great way to get the date started. After go grab a bite to eat at a bar in a family friendly restaurant. Why bar? & why family friendly? Well family friendly because you don’t want anyone hitting on you or any drama starting at a full on drinking bar. You want to sit at a bar because it feels a little more casual, you are sitting closer and the atmosphere feels completely different. Depending on the season and the area you live in after dinner/drinks head for a walk by the water or down a strip just talking. Lastly, IF he IS your man/boyfriend/husband you can go on take a bath together and finish of the night together under the blanket. 😉


    Enjoy your date dolls!


  • millymill | December 7, 2014

    Macy’s Holiday Witch


    Written By My Husband.
    (Stolen from his Facebook)

    At the mall today we were going back to macys because yesterday kamilla brought me a few things and some how one of my sweater still had the theft prevention clip on it so whatever we were going to take it back now we get up to the register we began to explain our situation here is the dialog to paint the picture

    Kamilla: hi how are u i came here Wednesday t…..
    Female cashier:(cuts her off)mmmmhhhhmmmmmmmm

    Ok face book now my wife is far from the biggest person in the world and even in this case outweighed by at least 100 pounds if it would have went down but listen to me FB when the women said mmmmhhhhmmmmm like she did kamilla gave her a look that i guess only another women would understand i was stationed to the side with ava and when i saw the look on kamilla’s face to the women i honestly was scared to death cause i did not know what was about to happen she held it for at least 10 seconds and it must have said 1000 words cause there was no conversation to follow almost as if the women was actually reading a sign with clear instructions that read “ok (explicit) if ur joking right now u might wanna be a little more jokingly don’t let my size or my complexion fool u. You are without a doubt looking at ur worst potential enemy understand I don’t shoot bullets and throw grenade i drop straight nuclear missiles” (lol) life literally stopped for 10 seconds y’all think im joking but i was seriously scared to death i never seem my wife look like that i was so scared we have yet to even discuss it lol but anyway the lady immediately cleared it up with another

    Cashier women:mmmmhhhhmmmmm (much more jokingly)

    Cashier lady: (looks at me my face has a dead stir looking at her cause I was scared to look back at Kamilla cause she was still staring at the cashier with disgust with that face I described) im just playing y’all all bout to jump me

    Me:(peace maker desperately wanting to break the ice) oh naw we thought u were serious (which honestly she prob was long day its black friday and prob let her emotions show a little too much just with the wrong one we both found out) lol

    Kamilla: (finally snaps back to reality and continued her explanation for our visit gets the tag taken off and i swear the lady whole demeanor changed)

    We both said thank u walked away and haven’t talked about it since lol but now that I know that inside my wife lives a witch from the deepest darkest place u can think of I will be very cautious.


    Now ladies and gentlemen I have got to be honest! I do not remember this happening! I do have to be honest though, I realized I can no longer hide my feelings/face expressions and I don’t even notice it when I am doing it! Which is a bad thing because…well, things like this happen and I have no idea why.

  • millymill | November 20, 2014



    (June 2008)


    (June 2008)

    A little over 11 years ago I met a kid who would one day become my husband. I say a kid because we were 14 years old when we met and really knew nothing about life and what was in store for us. We didn’t have many things in common and we definitely didn’t think alike. 11 years is a really long time so it’s clear that those years brought a lot of good, a lot of bad and a lot of knowledge. When we met and all through high school he never knew where to take his life, what life should/would be like after graduation, can’t even say he had goals or plans. For me, as long as i can remember my parents always taught me to have a solid plan and I had to be successful. Well, when I decided that I wanted to be with this kid I knew I wouldn’t settle for anything less than a MAN with a plan. To me staying in one spot was never an option. We as people must always grow, learn, expand our comfort zones and really live. So, I started asking him what he wanted to do with his life? Where did he want to be in 3,4,5 years? He probably thought I was crazy because we were still in HS!! I made sure to paint the picture of the life I wanted to have and it was up to him to create that life with me.


    June 2013 in Miami


    June 2013

    Well, I am proud to say that kid has never disappointed me when it came to our life. We grew up quickly and have been moving along in life better and faster than I ever imagined. Everything I have wanted in life WE got. He is not lazy! He has plans! He has goals! He has drive! && He loves! He works harder than anyone I know, makes sure we have all we need…& want. The best part of all of this is we have one vision now. We see life the same and we work as a team to reach our dreams. I am proud of my husband because there are so many excuses laying around in the world that he could have held onto and tried to use. Most importantly I love how much he loves our daughter! They always say “show your daughter what a man is supposed to be so she knows what to look for in a husband”. I don’t have any doubt that she has a great example to compare to.


    Ava & Curtis Summer 2014

    Some people search a lifetime for a man/woman they can build with. We were lucky enough to find that without even looking. I am blessed & highly favored.

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  • spoonfullofava | November 11, 2014


    What does Grandparent mean to you?

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    (Ava with my & Curt’s grandmothers)

    Some may say “the world”, some say “eh, i talk to them once in a blue”, some only remember grandparents on Holidays. Sad, but true.

    When I was born I had 2 living grandmothers and 1 grandfather. I was 2 years old when my grandfather passed but I can still remember bits and pieces of him being with me. I remember his green/gray sweater vest he wore and how he always sat at the head of the dinning room table. My mother’s mom lived in Israel when I was born so I only saw her during the summer time when we went to visit. Now my dad’s mom was/is like a mom to me. I can not remember her buying me things or spoiling me but I do remember her taking care of my brother and I from the day we were born. Until this day I make sure to call her at least once a day! She literary dedicated her life to her kids and grand kids.

    Now, since I only saw my mom’s mom once a year our relationship was non-existent. Yes, I loved her and cared about her but there was no connection. She spoiled us and sent us gifts and told us stories when we spent the summers with her but still it wasn’t the same.

    I do not think my parents could have done anything to make us closer or make us have different types of relationships with our grandparents. Life plays out the way it is supposed to. My grandmother moved away for her well being and started her new life. Distance usually doesn’t make people closer especially a kid and their grandparent. We were taught to respect, to love, to care for our grandparents but now that I am grown if I don’t want to I don’t have to call my grandmother or go visit her. I choose to. I know who she is, what she has done for me and we just have a good relationship.

    As we all grow into adults or just as people we tend to forget about those we love. We get so caught up in our everyday life that sometimes we forget we have amazing grandparents who will be the happiest people alive to hear a “hello, how are you?” from us. Once a week is more than enough to check in and check on them. If you live close by 5 minutes is all it takes to stop in and say hi. Don’t get me wrong now, the phone does work both ways and it takes 2 to tango! Not to bash grandparents but a lot of them tend to think that their kids and grand kids have to do things their way and on their time. Lets be realistic, most of our grandparents are no longer working, and are either hanging out, at a doctor’s appointment or church. Us? Well, no big deal, we are building families, working, going to school, and still trying to maintain somewhat of a social life. Grandparents!!! We have to work together! Again I squeeze in my talk time with my grandmom usually when I am on my way to or from work or when my daughter is sleep and I can really get into how my gmom’s day is going. I enjoy hearing her tell the same stories over and over because I know one day she won’t be here to tell them to me. So, I just listen and respond as if it’s my first time hearing them.

    The parents job is to teach their kids to respect their grandparents. I don’t think a parent can make their child love their grandparents just like we can’t make an adult love someone. It is a relationship that is built with time, energy, ups and downs that builds or breaks a bond. Grandparents think that buying toys or spoiling kids will make them like them and I strongly disagree! Toys will break, clothes will rip but the time, the lessons, the helping with the upbringing will always leave a mark and make the child appreciate their grandparents.

    This is my view on grandparents and the relationship we have with them.