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  • millymill | December 14, 2017

    What a Weekend!

    A mother’s and a wife’s job is never done! Literally! Ever!

    My little ones have all been fighting some sort of bug for the last month or so. Everyone has had something different. Our oldest woke up Monday morning with a head ache and a fever. Minutes later she was at the toilet throwing up. Middle baby has had a cough and a runny nose since she started daycare at the end of October. Finally we went to the doctors with her and the youngest and found out she had an ear infection. The little one had pink eye, runny nose and a cough. GREAT! Nothing we can do for that because she’s only 2.5 months. Middle grasshopper was prescribed antibiotics. All while the oldest is still running a pretty high fever. Fast forward to Friday, oldest fever has gone up to 104 several times since Monday and doesn’t seem to be dropping. I decided to take her to urgent care. Once at the Urgent Care they ran some tests and basically told us to go home and wait. If she ran a fever for 7 days to take her to CHOP for blood work.

    Of course I couldn’t leave my husband without dinner so I made chicken and shrimp Alfredo before I left. While at Urgent care he called me a few times and I ignored it because I was speaking with the nurse. Once I was in the car he called again and I answered. His eyes and lips were swollen and I was ready to burst out in laughter. Then he started talking and I thought “Oh crap! He’s not calling to laugh.” I still thought he had a reaction that benadril could fix. When I got home I saw that in just those few minutes it got much worse. His eyes swollen, lips swollen 3xs the size of Kylie Jenner’s, hives all over his body, standing and gulping down a half gallon of milk. It was about 11:00PM. Now it was his turn to head to the ER. Later he called and said he may look that swollen for the next week. Anyone that knows me knows that I suck at hiding my face expressions. He laughed and said ok not a week but maybe two days. Finally at 2 am he was home and in bed clear of the allergic reaction.

    By Sunday everyone seemed to be coming back to life. This was just an example of one of those “When it rains, it pours” days.

  • millymill | December 17, 2014

    Gifts from Santa


    The Graham Crackers Christmas 2014

    When I was wrapping Ava’s gifts I was thinking “Well, if we tell her everything is from Santa what credit will we get? “, “How will she know we worked hard in order for her to get the things she wants?”. How do we tell our kids what is from us and what is from Santa? How do we explain to our kids that bragging is not okay because everyone may not be as fortunate?

    After giving it some thought I decided that starting next year (2015) the Christmas Eve Box(will be one of our traditions) will come from Santa & The Rain deer. Clothes, hats, jackets, or shoes will also come from Santa and maybe one toy. Why did I decide to do it this way? Well, when she starts Daycare, pre-school, etc. there will be kids who maybe less or more fortunate. Kids who’s parents may not be able to give them as much as we can, or maybe Ava won’t have as much as someone else she will meet. Why should she feel like Santa like her more or less? It sounds a little crazy and as a joke but this is a way that children can get hurt.


    Ava Giselle Graham @ 8 months

    I want to give her the world, or as much of the world as possible. I also do not want her to feel guilty for receiving these blessings that we are able to pass on to her. As parents lets not only think of our own kids but all the kids that are growing up alongside them.



  • spoonfullofava | July 29, 2014

    4 Months

    My Oh My! Baby girl is 4 months and a week old!

    Sleeps through the night.
    Turn on her sides.
    Rolls onto her belly.
    Holds her bottle.
    Holds her toys.

    I am sure there is so much more that I just can’t think of right now or maybe I have already gotten used to the “New” things she does. It is unbelievable how everyday I wake up and she does something new, something different, yet it all excites me the same!

    Now! Last week or so girlfriend has been having random fits before her naps during the day. (Oh yeah, i just remembered! She’s also found her feet! SO CUTE.) By fits I mean yelling none stop until i rock her to sleep. At night time she is in bed at 8:30 and peacefully goes to sleep on her own. Well, kind of, she has to hold on to the chain of all her teething toys. 😀

    Ava LOVES the camera! She poses!

    This is our Beauty!