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  • millymill | July 1, 2014

    March 23rd, 2014

    My Beautiful Princess!

    March 23, 2014 is when my baby arrived.

    It was the longest night if my life but now when I think of it I would do it over and over again to meet my little beauty.

    My contractions started Saturday the 22nd at about 4 am and were all over the place until about 9PM. That is when i decided to call the hospital and they told me to come in. I got to the hospital with my mom and cousin and they just told me to go back home because they were only 7 minutes apart.

    The second i walked into the house they got stronger and stronger and were down to about every 3 minutes. At 3 am i couldn’t take it anymore so my husband and I headed back to the hospital. At that point I was 6cm dilated and was in labor. I can not explain the pain contractions give. It is as if there is a sharp knife in your stomach just being twisted. Finally at 7am they gave me epidural and i have to say…epidural is sent down from heaven. I felt nothing from that point on. Finally around 1:30pm i started pushing and 2:11pm she was out, healthy, weighing 7lbs 16oz, 20inches long.

    There is no way to explain the feeling of bringing a child into this world. The love that is in you and you don’t even know until you bring a child into this world.


  • spoonfullofava | July 1, 2014


    It is crazy and really unbelievable how much joy this little person brings into your life. Every time she smiles i smile, every time she laughs, i laugh. I am so blessed to have such an amazing little girl. Her eyes are like these big brown buttons with sparkles in them. The smile just makes my whole day better. I could never Thank God enough for her!

    I promise to make her proud! <3

  • spoonfullofava | June 29, 2014



    If you asked me if i would breastfeed before I gave birth my response was “I will try but I doubt it!” Well,  I am 3 months in and I love it! I can not say we had any problems latching on or her not wanting breast milk. She latched on right when she was born and i had her on a schedule her 3rd day home. Honestly, there were days where I wanted to quit, not because it hurt or I was having issues breastfeeding. Simply because I was tired and i think at 11 days old she was growing through a growth spurt where she literary wanted to eat every hour or so. Considering I had no idea what was going on with her I was going crazy! Finally, about 6 hours of going crazy i decided to google “My 11 day old baby wont stop eating and keeps crying” and whala!!! I found out that babies go through growth spurts until they are a year old. If i am not mistaking your newborn can go through 5-6 growth spurts in his/her first year. 2-7 weeks, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and i forget the other 1/2(oops).

    What the heck is a growth spurt? Right?! Well apparently it is your baby letting your body know that soon he/she will need more milk. That is why they can feed every hour for 1-3days so your body starts producing more milk.

    Now, anywhere you turn to…it will say the first 6 weeks of breastfeeding are the hardest. I agree 100%!!! After 6 weeks your baby is a pro, you have yourself and the baby on a schedule and everything flows a lot faster. During those 6 weeks I turned to formula 2 times. By turning to formula I don’t mean i gave it to her, i made 2 bottles both times were at night. I made the bottles and placed them by her crib so it would be quicker for me to feed her and go back to sleep. Well both times I poured them out because I felt so bad. I felt like i had to be strong for her and continue to breast feed. Now, i do no think anything is wrong with formula IF you have to turn to it. I was simply being lazy and wasn’t thinking what was best for her while making those bottles. Now that everything is okay, I love breastfeeding her. It is our bonding time, when she is done eating she will smile at me and laugh after i burp her. I love those moments. My short term goal is to feed her until she is 6 months old…after i will try to go for a year. Wish me luck girls!

    I pump and breastfeed since I had to get back to work after a month of staying home with her.

    If you want to know more about pumping comment below and i will be more than happy to write all about how/when i pump, etc.

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  • spoonfullofava | June 29, 2014

    A little about us!

    Hello Ladies & Gents.

    I am 24 and have a beautiful 3 month old baby girl! She is my first child and I have to say she is the biggest blessing! I am a full time student at DeVry University and work full time in a DME office as a medical biller.

    I am married to Curtis, we have 2 pets and we have been together for 10…almost 11 years!

    Yep, since the 9th grade.

    ……My reason for starting this blog actually came from breastfeeding. There is so much i did not know about having a new born. I know you can never be 100% ready but we were pretty close. I feel like i could be of help, not to mention this gives me another reason to talk about my sugar baby!!!