Spoon Full of Ava

  • millymill | December 7, 2017

    Elf on the Shelf

    I love different holiday traditions. First holiday season having a kid I told myself we will have traditions. I want my kids to grow up and have lots of good and fun memories to look back on. This happens to be super fun and cute. Most importantly it puts a smile on their faces every morning! If you have not heard of Elf on the Shelf then let me quickly fill you in. Basically he/she is Santa’s elf who watches the kids during the day and report to Santa at night. The kids can not touch him and he moves to a different place in the house everyday…Via Mother of course!

    Here are some places the Elfa Graham has been this year.


    Elfa decided to throw a party with the Graham Crackers.

    Soft balls bath, ahhhhh, nothing like it.

    Elfa buil herself a bootlegged parachute.

    Snow flakes?


    Elfa knew where Ava was spending the weekend and found her. bwhahahaha

    Elfa beat us home.

    All the other toys think Elfa brought them gifts. smh


    Elfa came in through the window with her ladder.

  • millymill | January 29, 2017

    Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease.

    Her nails started falling off!!

    Naturally, I started freaking out. Why are my 2 year old’s nails falling off? All types of crazy thoughts rushed through my mind. I touched them, asked her if they hurt, etc. She said no they don’t hurt and they weren’t bothering her. From her face expression it looked like she hasn’t noticed that anything was even going on with her hands/nails. That’s always a relief to a parent, who wants their kid to be in pain?

    Well, there was only one thing to do… GOOGLE!

    The first link that caught my eye was netmums.com

    There were a lot of posts about the same thing. All responses led to Hand Foot & Mouth. I am glad I went to Google right away in this case. It was a delayed symptom of HAND, FOOT, & Mouth. She had it about 3 weeks ago and everything went away but this. I started doing further research and found out that at times during the viral infection nails stop growing completely. Makes sense as to why it takes so long for us to notice this symptom. Yesterday, one of the nails fell off and another one was already growing underneath.

    If you want to do more research on it the actual name of the nails falling off is Onychomadesis.

    If you see your little one’s nails falling off or they look like they will fall off, do not rip them off. As they grow out they will sort of break off on their own. Warn your babies to not rip them because they could rip the skin along with the nail.


  • millymill | January 19, 2017

    Kids are not Robots

    Children are smaller versions of us. I don’t mean they turn out like us, even though more times than not they do. I mean they are just like adults with mood swings, their own personalities, their own thought process, the list goes on and on. When my daughter first started showing me her Terrible Two’s Tantrums I was not trying to hear anything she had to say because I thought “I am the parent. You are the child. You will do what I say and I don’t want to hear it!”

    I started observing her behavior and her reactions to different situations. I came to realize sometimes her attitude comes from missing a nap. Sometimes she is preoccupied with something that she feels is important and to me it didn’t seem important so it was an issue. I am talking and she is focused on this “important” task. Routine and schedule is really important to me as it is to her. I didn’t realize a lot of this until a few weeks ago.

    Personally it’s important to be to not just parent like my parents or through advice. I like to do my own research and really get to the core of how to communicate with our kids. Each child is different because as adults we all have our own, individual personalities. They are the same!!! The scary thing about our older daughter is her personality reminds me so much of my own. Her attitude, her independence, her determination, and unfortunately she is stubborn just like I.

    Once you study your child and really understand the way they are wired and work life becomes so much easier. It’s easier to talk to them and avoid tantrums or attitudes. Our daughter will understand and accept anything if you explain it to her. For example; today she wanted tortilla chips. I gave her a hand full and as she was eating them she was hysterically asking for more. I told her “No, that’s all!” she started whining until I said “there’s no more left”. The whole mood changed within seconds, she said “Oh! There’s no more?” That was the end of it because she understood why I said no. Communication is important in every relationship, no matter the age.

    Something to keep in mind these little babies are growing up. They are turning into little humans and they need to be strong, smart, kind, healthy, and over all good people. When we try and shut them down because it’s not our way(not talking about wrong or right) we are stopping their growth, their development and their independence. I am constantly going back and forth within myself on disciplining, letting her grow, and making sure she is not spoiled.

    Kids are not robots and are not meant to be controlled as such. They are a kit, they come with their own pieces and tools. It is up to us, the parents, to teach them how to be put together and the best version of them. It is not our job to create them into who we think they need to be. That’s God’s job. Our job is to raise them, support them, love them, guide them, build them up, and instill good morals and values.


  • millymill | December 27, 2016

    Confession of my Wrong Doing.

    I’d like to think I have it all together when it comes to being a wife, mom, employee, etc. Wouldn’t everyone like to think that? Well, even though I’d like to think I do in all reality I do not!

    There are days where I am counting down minutes until my kids get to sleep. Then that time comes and goes and they are still not sleep. That’s when the not so put together me comes out. Especially now that my older one likes to ask for lotion, soup, diaper change, another story, to talk about her behavior(any means necessary), and anything else that comes to mind. That’s when I literally run out the room and close the door behind me or scream my head off until she’s in bed and under her blanket. (WRONG)

    When someone cries the right thing to do is usually talk to them about why they are crying. Hugging someone that is crying is usually the norm. Well, why is it when my daughter cries I tell her to cut it out? Usually if I am exhausted and she starts crying for no good reason my response is “Cut it out!” or “Why are you crying?”(knowing she can’t answer it). (WRONG on so many levels)

    How many of us like to hear “Told ya!!”? Not I! What in the world makes me think my child wants to hear that when she bumps into the cabinet after I told her it was going to happen? At that moment she needs me to hug her and tell her it’s ok and she’s ok.

    There are times where my kids miss a nap because I decided to stay somewhere longer than I should have. What makes me think it’s okay to be frustrated with them when it’s my doing that they are upset and cranky. Same goes for me dragging out their lunch/dinner time because I felt the need to finish cleaning first.

    It doesn’t make it ok and may not even be right but when I am wrong i apologize to my kids. Whether they understand my apology or not I will continue to do so. Eventually they will grow up and know that it is Okay to apologize and admit when you are wrong. Now, I am working on fixing my wrongs and that is also a lesson. An apology means nothing unless you do something about the actions you are apologizing for.