Confession of my Wrong Doing.

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I’d like to think I have it all together when it comes to being a wife, mom, employee, etc. Wouldn’t everyone like to think that? Well, even though I’d like to think I do in all reality I do not!

There are days where I am counting down minutes until my kids get to sleep. Then that time comes and goes and they are still not sleep. That’s when the not so put together me comes out. Especially now that my older one likes to ask for lotion, soup, diaper change, another story, to talk about her behavior(any means necessary), and anything else that comes to mind. That’s when I literally run out the room and close the door behind me or scream my head off until she’s in bed and under her blanket. (WRONG)

When someone cries the right thing to do is usually talk to them about why they are crying. Hugging someone that is crying is usually the norm. Well, why is it when my daughter cries I tell her to cut it out? Usually if I am exhausted and she starts crying for no good reason my response is “Cut it out!” or “Why are you crying?”(knowing she can’t answer it). (WRONG on so many levels)

How many of us like to hear “Told ya!!”? Not I! What in the world makes me think my child wants to hear that when she bumps into the cabinet after I told her it was going to happen? At that moment she needs me to hug her and tell her it’s ok and she’s ok.

There are times where my kids miss a nap because I decided to stay somewhere longer than I should have. What makes me think it’s okay to be frustrated with them when it’s my doing that they are upset and cranky. Same goes for me dragging out their lunch/dinner time because I felt the need to finish cleaning first.

It doesn’t make it ok and may not even be right but when I am wrong i apologize to my kids. Whether they understand my apology or not I will continue to do so. Eventually they will grow up and know that it is Okay to apologize and admit when you are wrong. Now, I am working on fixing my wrongs and that is also a lesson. An apology means nothing unless you do something about the actions you are apologizing for.

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