Elf on the Shelf

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I love different holiday traditions. First holiday season having a kid I told myself we will have traditions. I want my kids to grow up and have lots of good and fun memories to look back on. This happens to be super fun and cute. Most importantly it puts a smile on their faces every morning! If you have not heard of Elf on the Shelf then let me quickly fill you in. Basically he/she is Santa’s elf who watches the kids during the day and report to Santa at night. The kids can not touch him and he moves to a different place in the house everyday…Via Mother of course!

Here are some places the Elfa Graham has been this year.


Elfa decided to throw a party with the Graham Crackers.

Soft balls bath, ahhhhh, nothing like it.

Elfa buil herself a bootlegged parachute.

Snow flakes?


Elfa knew where Ava was spending the weekend and found her. bwhahahaha

Elfa beat us home.

All the other toys think Elfa brought them gifts. smh


Elfa came in through the window with her ladder.

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