Empower Her Tuesday featuring Vernita I Peters

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  1. How do you take care of yourself & how do you stay balanced?

I take care of myself through maintaining a healthy diet, getting enough sleep and making sure I pamper myself (when I can find time lol).

2. Where do you find your inspiration?

I find my inspiration through strong women. I am inspired by woman such as my Mum, Lisa Nicoles, Jackie Hill Perry and Priscilla Shirer. These women make it their mission to empower other women and I highly respect that as I don’t think there is enough of that anymore.

3. How did you start blogging/vlogging/makeup/photography etc?

I started vlogging because I am really interested in the concept of being able to impact people through having an online platform such as YouTube. Also many friends and family kept encouraging me to start as they wanted me to share my hair and beauty secrets.

4. What are some ways we can help each other (women to women)?

A way that we can help one another as women are through compliments. It’s sounds so simple yet it is so effective. Complimenting each other is something we don’t do enough of. Just by giving someone a compliment it could really change their day in a positive way. We have no idea what that person could be going through.

5. What advice would you give a woman starting out in your field?

I’m a full time student and part time YouTuber along side having other small ventures on the side. I’m still quite new to YouTube, (6 months in) and I have found that consistency is key. Just be consistent and passionate about what you do and it will be easy haha! Just be yourself also and you will enjoy it, you will enjoy staying up late at night to film videos because your passionate!

6. How do you juggle your SO/kids/friends/work/yourself?

I’ve recently been engaged, still have over a year left of university, starting my own business etc on the side so I would say I’m slowly finding the balance. If something is important to you, you will make it a priority. I’m someone who likes to be organised so planners are useful to me, they help me remember plans that I have made for the week and keep me on track. When I say I’m dedicating my time to something I make sure I stick to that commitment.

7. Anything you’d like to speak on or share?

Yes! I hope anyone reading this has been encouraged or motivated 🙂

8.Please share your blog and your services.

YouTube – Vernita I Peters youtube.com/vernitaipeters

Facebook – @vernitaipeters

Instagram – @v_ivelina

Snapchat – @vivelina1

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