Empower Her Tuesday featuring Kaija Leung

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1. How do you take care of yourself & how do you stay balanced?
I take care of myself by making sure that I schedule some “me time” into every day where I can get out of my head and just enjoy something that doesn’t require me to think too much. This may sound weird but being someone who is blessed enough to work from home and be in the creative field, doing absolutely nothing is a hard thing to achieve. Even if I’m only able to schedule out thirty minutes or an hour to watch a show on Netflix, take a walk, or read a book or article, it really helps me either get my day started or unwind from a long day.

2.Where do you find your inspiration?
I find my inspiration everywhere. Everything I do stems from my love of storytelling. That being said, I’m heavily inspired by the subtleties of situations, funny moments, profound conversations, and normal every day interactions. My friends and family inspire me to continue working hard and my clients inspire me to improve my skills and push my creativity. I also find my inspiration through artists on social media that are bringing new ideas and innovation to their brand. Since my line of work is constantly straddling the line between doing what you want to do creatively and staying on top of what’s trending, seeing what others do on their social media is pretty much mandatory.

3. How did you start blogging/vlogging/photography etc.
I actually took my first photography class when I was eight. My mom had a minor in photography and would tell me stories about she would have to save up for film. I told her I wanted to try it, so during the summer she enrolled me into a class that was put on by our local community college. I actually used my mom’s old canon and they taught us how to develop film. That summer was when I discovered my love for photography. Blogging and YouTube came much later. I actually started doing music on my YouTube channel when I was in highschool. After winning a couple of contests, going to some of my favorite YouTuber’s concerts, and graduating film school; I decided to pursue a job working with YouTube talent full time about two years ago.

4. What are some ways we can help each other?
I was lucky to be around strong women growing up, so when I started to see all the drama women tend to bring one another in school and in the workplace, I was appalled. It’s already hard enough to “prove yourself” worthy of holding a position of power in some of the most thriving industries, so we really don’t need to make it harder on one another. What we should be doing (especially in entertainment) is uplifting each other by providing an ear to listen, sharing content made by women, and hiring strong women to take on managerial or executive positions.

5. What advice would you give a woman starting out in your field?
Advice I would give to a woman starting out in this field would be to stick to your morals. By working for a major television network as well as having personal connections to celebrities and their stories, one of the biggest things that happen in Hollywood is the exploitation of women. Many may not choose to talk about how big of a problem it is but you are bound to encounter a scenario where an opportunity could be lost for refusing to do something that goes against your morals. During these times it is VERY important to stand up for what you believe in even if it costs you a seemingly good opportunity.

Another piece of advice I would give to someone starting out in my field is to remain a student. Today, creatives (especially freelance creatives) need to have a variety of skills in order to thrive. Find an aspect of entertainment that you want to pursue and learn as much as you can about it. Practice as often as possible and once you feel you’ve mastered that position, add another one to your arsenal. People will begin to pick up on your variety of skills and you’ll have more opportunities to find work.

6. How do you juggle your SO/kids/friends/work/yourself
Having a work-life balance is something that I actually struggle with. It’s hard to find extra time between working with my clients and building my brand. I was inspired to push for a better work life balance after watching Being Mary Jane for the first time back in January. That show is a great testament to the fact that you could build yourself a super successful career and still remain unhappy if your relationships suffer. As weird as this sounds, I actually schedule in my social interactions. I call my family when I’m driving since the LA traffic can make you pretty bored. When it comes to my friends, I meet with my close friends at least once a week and then I set aside time each day to text my friends. I try not to be attached to my phone throughout the day because it hinders me from being one-hundred percent present on something I’m creating. My friends who understand what I do for a living aren’t mad that I “schedule” them into my life because if I don’t, I’ll probably forget to reach out to them to be completely honest. Doing this also allows me to be one-hundred percent present during my interactions so that my friends and family get my undivided attention.

7. Anything you’d like to speak on or share?
I think this idea is great! I can’t wait to read about the other strong women on this blog. 🙂

8. Please share your blog and your services?
My name is Kaija Leung and I’m a creative. I edit and produce for top influencers on YouTube and I also have my own blog and YouTube channel. If you want to follow me on my journey, see some of my work, or have any questions you’d like to ask, please check out the links below:
Instagram: @SmplyKaija
Twitter: @SmplyKaija
Snapchat: @KaijaKetchup

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