Fever & Cold Remedies for Kids

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When 3 kids under 4 are all sick with the flu you have no choice but to turn to something other than Tylenol or Motrin. Home remedies are always preferred in my home so anytime I don’t have to use meds I don’t and won’t. Fevers can be very scary, especially when the baby is under 6 months. Now, don’t get me wrong because a fever is a good sign of a healthy body. It’s when the body is trying to fight off a virus/infection. The downside is it can be very uncomfortable and cause headaches and come along with other nasty symptoms. Symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, stuffy nose, etc.

So let me give you the run down on my remedies.

  • For a fever I do vinegar soaked socks for 3-4 hours at bed time. One part vinegar, two parts water. Soak wool socks in it and put them on the kid. Over top of the soaked socks put another pair and leave them on for 3-4 hours. I normally do this at nap time and bed time to make sure they can get a good night rest. The vinegar is supposed to pull the fever into their feel and leave the body that way.
  • Onions in the socks.  Onions have helped my kids with congestion and bringing the fever down a bit.
  • For their coughs I’ve made these chest/back wraps. I used flour, ginger, honey and a bit of olive oil. I am terrible with measurements so I just mixed it all together until I got a non-sticky patty. You have to make sure to put it on their chest but away from their heart. Also keep on for about 3 hours.
  • Heat up honey and rub it on their chest and put a paper towel over it so it doesn’t get all over and have everything sticky.
  • Pineapple juice is also awesome to break down the mucus. 3 times a day until the cough is almost gone.
  • Instead of saline drops I normally use breast milk and I’ve seen a huge difference.
  • For pink eye I use breastmilk instead of an drops. Works wonders.
  • Lots of liquids. Water, fruit juices(real), tea with honey.

We were all sick at once and it was not easy but there are no meds from most of the symptoms. We had to try all different remedies and I believe each remedy helped in it’s own area.

If you have any home remedies you swear by feel free to comment and suggest them. I look forward to learning more. I was struggling with a cold. I didn’t let it bother me too much though, because I have a great way to deal with it. Over time I ended up running into this excellent natural health solution that helps me get better much faster than with regular medicine. I’ve told people about it but usually they don’t trust it and instead run straight to the doctor. It’s side-effect ridden conventional medicine I find myself less trusting of. If you would like to get more information to maybe try this for yourself you can click here.


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