Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease.

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Her nails started falling off!!

Naturally, I started freaking out. Why are my 2 year old’s nails falling off? All types of crazy thoughts rushed through my mind. I touched them, asked her if they hurt, etc. She said no they don’t hurt and they weren’t bothering her. From her face expression it looked like she hasn’t noticed that anything was even going on with her hands/nails. That’s always a relief to a parent, who wants their kid to be in pain?

Well, there was only one thing to do… GOOGLE!

The first link that caught my eye was netmums.com

There were a lot of posts about the same thing. All responses led to Hand Foot & Mouth. I am glad I went to Google right away in this case. It was a delayed symptom of HAND, FOOT, & Mouth. She had it about 3 weeks ago and everything went away but this. I started doing further research and found out that at times during the viral infection nails stop growing completely. Makes sense as to why it takes so long for us to notice this symptom. Yesterday, one of the nails fell off and another one was already growing underneath.

If you want to do more research on it the actual name of the nails falling off is Onychomadesis.

If you see your little one’s nails falling off or they look like they will fall off, do not rip them off. As they grow out they will sort of break off on their own. Warn your babies to not rip them because they could rip the skin along with the nail.


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