Have fun in your Marriage

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Marriage is a serious thing. Very Serious. I don’t believe people should just get married thinking it will all be fun and games. I do believe that in every good and strong marriage there are plenty of fun times. You’ve got to remember to laugh. Life is serious and not easy. It’s easy to lose the good times when the hard times come knocking.

My husband and I have a lot of little inside jokes. We still play around at home even though his panties are always in a bunch(inside joke). Some times he’ll walk by and scratch my butt and say “My butt’s itchy”. There were a few times where when he was in the shower I threw something(flour) at him and he threw something at me. If i remember correctly he threw ice water on me. I love to mock him and be sarcastic and that’s usually where he gets his panties in a bunch. Oh! Don’t forget to do a happy dance when eating something good together. Of course there are other inside jokes…which maybe a little inappropriate to share.

Stay Classy Folks…lol

Share some of your inside jokes in the comments!!


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