It’s Begining to Look a Lot Like Christmas

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Christmas 2015

Christmas is my all time favorite holiday.
I love it all! The lights, bows, reefs, trees, ornaments, candles, center pieces, family, dinners, music, etc.
Notice I didn’t mention gifts?
I’ve never loved gifts(as an adult)! I much rather give than receive. It is so uncomfortable for me to accept gifts, not sure why. Now giving gifts is my thing!!! I give each gift much thought. I hate to just buy something for someone to say I got a gift. I also don’t like to get gifts for just anyone. I like for the gifts to really come with love and care. It feels good to give people gifts that they will like/love and appreciate.

My favorite and most fun part of the holiday is decorating. I want a bigger house just so I could decorate more for the holidays, LOL. Every year the day after Thanksgiving all the decor pieces come out and brighten up our home.

This year is probably much more exciting than usual. Reason being is Ava is almost two and has a reaction to everything. She notices all the details and makes all the work worth it.



This is the 1st year we got a real tree. I’ve always been told it’s messy and a waste of money so I sort of stayed away. Something told me to go for it this year and usually I would want to be there to pick it out but time wise, babysitter wise, that wasn’t an option. Curtis went and picked the most perfect tree!! It is right up to the ceiling and is so full! Obsessed with it! The smell is a plus. I will never put up a fake tree again.

Also the day after black friday Target had a good sale on all Christmas decor. I went a bit crazy and bought a bunch of different ornaments, ribbons, bells, etc. I ended up decorating at 12am because I wanted to surprise Ava in the morning. Well!!! It worked! It took me 3 hours but she is in love with the tree. Anyone that comes in she guides them right to the tree and smiles.




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