Mommy Tantrums

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My daughter is my world! She has been such a good child since the day we brought her home. Every transition has been so smooth and without a glitch. Now, we are creeping up on her Birthday and I am not going to lie. Everyday has not been easy or smooth but each night I am grateful and we are happy. Let’s just step into one of very few tantrum days.

This last weekend was rough on our schedule. Saturday we went to my cousin’s house for dinner and to hang out so I made Ava miss her nap. at night she was exhausted to a point where she didn’t even want to try to go to sleep and she is a sleeper! Loves her naps, bedtime, relaxing, etc. She was hysterical, cried about everything, her teddy lost his shoe and she cried. I went to turn the water on and she cried. I was just as tired from the ride, hungry, and just wanted to lay down. When mom and baby are both cranky that right there is a recipe for disaster. Finally I washed her and got her in bed through tears a story and about 10 hugs.

It was our luck that at 2 am the time changed and we lost an hour of sleep. I am very anal with her schedule so I had to get her up and ready. Up until her nap she was an angel. While she went to the park and played with her dad I tried to move her clothes and all her stuff into her new bedroom. When she walked in her eyes, hand, mind was all over the place. She was excited and wanted to try things on, look around for where things were being put, etc. Everytime I said it was time for her nap she would say “Patom”(means later in Russian). We don’t do much negotiating when it comes to eating and sleeping. I was not feeling that response.

Just like her I was tired and needed a nap and was hungry but I still had so much left to do on this Sunday that all I could think about was getting her to sleep. I began to get frustrated with her as she cried and was hysterical just because she didn’t know whether she was tired or wanted to play.Not to mention the entire time she was just hugging me and not letting me lay her down. Any other time I can hug her for hours, lay with her and read to her but my mind was else where. I just wanted to get everything done and have sometime to relax but it was just becoming further and further from reality. I ended up yelling at her telling her to lay down and cut the crying out. I rarely yell at her in such a way so I think it scared her and she started crying even worse yet still hugging me.

At that point I was defeated! I just felt terrible because my house work, her closet and all the other junk wasn’t going anywhere. Yet my soon to be two year old won’t need me forever and the few minutes/hours that she wants me to hug her and play by her rules I should! I just got emotional and cried right along with her while she hugged me and we rocked back and forth on her chair until we were both OK. I talked to her and apologized for yelling and explained to her my frustration and then she agreed to go to sleep.

I strongly believe parents and kids go through these stages together. For that moment I was having a temper tantrum because time was out of my hands. I was losing control of my schedule for that half an hour and my mind/body just couldn’t handle it. Those moments teach us and mold us into better parents. It’s okay to sit down and cry with your baby sometimes. It’s ok to skip house work to spend some time with people you love.

Mommies it’s ok! We will feel guilty. We will be exhausted. We will skip story time and that’s OK. Let’s leave it here…tell me about a time you’ve had a time where you both had tempter tantrums at the same time.

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