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As far back as I can remember I always knew I would be an over protective parent. I am very detail oriented and I am a planner. Ava is on a strict schedule all day, everyday! It is very important for us to stick to the schedule because it makes her day and our days a lot easier. We know when she naps we clean, cook, or just relax along with her. For the most part she is very calm and does great with napping and sleeping through the night. I am glad I was able to set a schedule for her and stick with it.

How do i put her to sleep?

From day one I would feed her, kiss her and lay her in her crib. I will be honest though, it was a lot easier to walk away before she could turn over, or stand up. Now days by the time I turn my back she is standing up and laughing. That does not stop me from walking away though. I have to let her know it is not time to play or talk it’s time for bed. I turn the lights off and leave. 90% of the time she will scream for a few minutes, then it turns into humming and then BAM! Baby girl is knocked out.

I am against rocking her!

She is the happiest most peaceful baby I have ever met. If she naps and eats on time, you will not hear a peep out of her. As far as eating goes I follow the “rules”. I introduce one fruit/vegetable to her at a time. She eats each fruit/vegetable for 2-4 days, usually a day or 2 in between and then on to the next. I rather be safe than sorry.

Going forward I think we(Curtis & I) will always be strict with her. If it doesn’t benefit her future, mind, behavior, then it will not take place or happen. I want her to like books more than the average toys. I want us to lay out a path to success and happiness for her. Anything we can do we will!

Example of Ava’s Day:

7:30-8:30AM — Wakes up

8:30AM — Breast Fed

8:30-10:30AM — Play time.

10:30AM-12:30/1PM — Nap

1:00PM — Rice/Oat. Cereal

1:30-3:00/3:30 — Nap

3:30 — Fruits/veggies and 2oz of breast milk

5/5:30-6:30 — Nap

6:30 — Fruits/Veggies/Cottage Cheese or Cereal

6:30-8:30 — Play time. Toys, book, crawl time.

8:30 — Wash, breastfeed, sleep for the night.


It is much easier when there is help and people that support your decisions and your ways. All parents are different and all kids are different. What may work for me and her may not work for the next mom and child. No matter what I have my rules and I am going to stick to them. I like to be in control of everything that has to do with her because if anything happens I want to be the one responsible.

Also, I think I will do the same thing with my future children. Schedule and organization makes things so much easier.

I love my Avkin and will only do things that will benefit her.

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