Never Speak Negative of your Significant Other.

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f7877e31caa30acd298e64a7421e1866You and your significant other just had a huge fight, what do you do? Do you pick up the phone and call your girlfriends/guy friends to fill them in? Do you call your mom? What is it that you would usually do?

First thing first! When you called those you trust you were angry, emotional, and maybe a tad bit dramatic. You spoke in a way where everything you did/said was right and everything your spouse said/did was wrong. If that wasn’t the case there would have been no argument. Also, more than likely there was no real resolution to the argument because if there was you wouldn’t care enough to fill anyone in.

Second thing. Don’t ever forget your mom doesn’t love your spouse like you do. Your friends probably don’t care enough to try and fix your problems for you and don’t forget they will take your side. Usually when a loved one is hurt in anyway people tend to want to make them feel better and protect them. Great! Now you have created the bad guy, your family and friends will look at him/her sideways.

When you are married your love and bond is unbreakable. Meaning just because you argue doesn’t mean you don’t like one another or you will not forgive him/her. All this means is marriage problems are temporary when it is between two people. When/if the problem/argument is passed on it becomes permanent. You forgive your spouse within a matter of hours…right? Family and friends will fake it,¬† but they will question your spouse’s behavior until their last breath. They will not forgive as easy and you will only give your family/friends a reason to not have a good relationship with your other half. They will hold everything you told them against your relationship.

No matter what you should never allow anyone to talk down on your significant other. Always speak good about him/her. You have to respect one another at home and in public. The second you say something negative you are opening a door for others to talk about him/her. Choose your words wisely and always protect your home!

Respect your self & your marriage.

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