Panda Face Mask

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FINALLY got some time to not only blog but to take time and apply a face mask. Yes, everyday is packed with MUST-DOS when you have 3 little ones. I sort of just throw myself on the back burner or go to sleep when I can. Anyways!

I bought this mask a few months ago at 5 Below just to see what it was about. It’s called ANIMAL PANDA face mask by Spatherapy I never really read what they are supposed to do until I get home and get ready to apply it. Therefore it should be clear that I just wanted to look like a panda and scare the kids. LOL. JK. It worked out perfectly though because after having the baby my face became super dry and normally I am very oily. To my luck this mask is infused with bamboo extract to renew and quench your skin and keep it moisturized. There are 4 in the box.

Once I got out of the shower and dried my face I applied the mask on. A lot of mask tend to tighten up on your face or sometimes even burn but not this one. I felt a little tightening but not like I couldn’t move my face. I kept it on for 20 minutes while doing some cleaning around the house. It was easy to take off and best part about it no crumblings all over my sink counter. Only thing I didn’t love is it was super soaked in the extract. When I first applied it it was dripping all over the place until I sort of squeezed some of it out.

My skin definitely feels a bit more hydrated, especially around my mouth and chin area. I did not apply any moisturizer after and didn’t wash my face. I wet a piece of paper towel and slowly removed whatever extract was left on my face. I plan on using this mask for the next 3 weeks to see if it really works and will bring the moisture back to my face.

Comment below some of your favorite masks and why.

Also if you want to see more posts like this feel free to let me know.


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