Signs your Marriage could be Doomed

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How many married people do you know? Probably a lot…right? How many of those are Happily Married? How many are just married because they are comfortable and don’t want to start over? How many are married because they have kids together? How many are married because it’s convenient and they are living double lives? How many are giving it another try every other week?

Unfortunately those are all realistic scenarios. People have started marrying younger and younger. Even though it’s great and they are no longer living in sin(shacking up)(sex out of wedlock). Most of these marriages are not built on a solid foundation. Let’s hope the following list doesn’t apply to your marriage and if it does and it’s not too late start WORKING on it. By working I mean start getting to the bottom of the issues, sort them out and fix them from the core. I don’t mean brush them under the rug and try to move forward and pretend everything is good.

1. You two argue about finances a few times a month.

2. One of you doesn’t trust the other other one.

3. Your goals, morals, and values don’t match up.

4. There is constant tension.

5. You argue about problems and concerns but never fix them. You both walk away with anger and no change.

6. One or both of you have been unfaithful.

7. You seek help outside of your marriage. (This doesn’t apply to professional help.)

8. Disrespect.

9. Putting others and other things before your spouse.

10. You are emotionally out of it. You have checked out and just living life as 2 separate people in one marriage.

I am one to believe that no 1 problem should be argued about more than once. One and done. Arguing can be very healthy when the outcome is to fix and work on whatever the issue is. I also believe there is a line you draw with certain issues. Cheating? One and done. Trust is one of the hardest things to work on, to gain, and to keep. The point is almost everything is fixable if the commitment, work, and desire is the same from both parties. If only one is fighting and the other one is going with the flow… You might as well file those papers.

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