Stage 2 of Dating

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Taking “talking” to another level. 

Some men/women will stretch the talking stage as long as possible. Reason being is there are usually no strings attached and during that stage you just are getting to know one another. Now, one that is not looking to get serious will take full advantage of that stage and a lot of times will set the tone for the rest of the relationship.

This 2nd stage is still talking but now it’s exclusive. I like to call it the trial run. Everyone is cut off, you are no longer dating around and should be committed. This is usually where one should set their rules and expectations. Things can get sticky because exes are still calling, “talking” friends are still somewhat around. This stage is to set the tone. Where do you want things to go? Can you see yourself with this man/woman long term? Are goals matching up? Do you want to have a family? Marriage? Kids? Travel? Do you want to take turns focusing on a career? These are all things that should be discussed somewhere in this stage.

Also, you may not be meeting the family anytime soon but get a clue about them. Usually during this stage if you see something you don’t like SPEAK UP. No one is going to read your mind and fix what they didn’t know was an issue. Be receptive to any issues he/she may have with you. It is a new beginning and it will take a while to find out all the do’s and don’ts.

Don’t be shy! Have fun in this stage. Build that foundation that the rest of the relationship will sit on during the rough times. There will be rough times! Trust! This is the stage where you want to fall in love with one another, create memories together. The foundation is what will get you through in the long run. It’s a memory of why you chose one another, why the good times will outweigh the bed, why no problem will be big enough to knock this union down.

Out of the 5 stages I think this is usually the shortest one. It doesn’t take too long to realize if you want to move forward with someone. If it’s taking you a while to realize that then you probably need to get back to the drawing board.



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