Temper Tantrum

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As many of my readers know I have a 10 month old. She has been such a blessing and such an amazing child over all. I have enjoyed every single second spent with her. Now, she rarely cries, never acts out and is very good with her schedule when it comes to eating and sleeping.

Lately I have been giving her different snacks to see what she likes and how she eats them. Friday evening I decided to give her a waffle and since she has 6 teeth now she bites everything she eats so I am very careful! We were sitting on the couch and I noticed she was going to town on this waffle so I thought let me take half of it so she won’t bite a chunk and choke. WELL!! Was I in for a rude awakening or what!?! Girlfriend threw her first temper tantrum that scared the living daylights out of me. She started kicking and screaming and I got scared because she has never done this before so I thought maybe she was chocking… Then, I realized she was upset that I took her waffle. I had to think fast how to bring her back to reality and let her know that her behavior is not okay.

Well… I just hollered at her “Ava, you better cut it out!!” Guess what? GF sat up, looked at me and laughed like “I was just kidding! Why so serious?”

I still can not believe that she had a temper tantrum over a WAFFLE! Anyways! This was about 4 days ago and there have been no tantrums since that day! Everyday I come home and ask our nanny “How did she behave herself?” I have a huge fear of having a misbehaved child!!!

Just a random rant.

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