The Birth without Fear.

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Before Heading to Work 9:30AM June 14th, 2016

Due date was July 2nd 2016.

The entire pregnancy I told everyone I am having this baby earlier than my due date. I just knew it! Also, schedule wise I had to either have her 2+ weeks earlier or 3-4 days later than the due date. Not to mention a week ago I had an appointment and was told I am not dilated and could walk around like that for a few weeks. Two nights ago something told me “Get your bag together”, “Make sure the house is clean”, “Get ready!”. I even kept messing with my girl friends telling them “I think this is it!!”

Along with all these guessed and jokes a part of me was petrified of having to have a C-Section. It was just a thought which kept playing over and over in my head. This was something I had to pray on because I want to be able to enjoy my family as soon as I get home from the hospital. Not in 6-8 weeks from giving birth. Well, I prayed on it and decided to let go and let God handle it. For the first time I had no plan, no fear, no anxiety, nothing. I totally let it all go and took everything as it came.

Yesterday I woke up at 4 AM to check on my daughter and felt some “cramps”. Considering I had work in the morning I didn’t think about them too long and went back to sleep. I woke up at 6 because these “cramps” weren’t going away. I started to put our laundry away, cleaned the bathroom, made my daughter breakfast, took a nice loooooong shower, etc. Once I left out I still had some errands to run and went into work. When I got to work the “cramps” were making it very clear that that’s not what they were. I started timing them and at that point they were about 8 minutes apart. I decided to wait until they were 4-5 minutes apart before heading to the hospital.

Now, anyone that knows me, knows that I handle things like this much better alone. Also, you probably know my husband is an OTR Trucker so the chances of him being here for the labor of our 2nd baby were pretty slim. Anyways, I drove to the hospital and my dad followed to make sure I got there OK. Once they checked me and confirmed I was in labor it was already 3PM. They put me in one of the Labor/Delivery rooms at about 4. I got my epidural at 5 right before one of my best friends arrived. At 5:30 I began pushing and 6PM it was all over!!

Just like that, a chapter of our lives closed and another one opened. SGV weighed 6.10lbs & 20inches long. June 14th, 2016. Once again it felt so surreal and amazing, a little painful LOL. It’s just so amazing to me how God created this little person specifically for our family. How he has molded her into what he wants in this world and it’s up to us to teach her how to live up to the woman she is meant to become one day.


Diana (Center) Asya (Right)

The most special thing was to have my best friends here!!! Diana was here to cut the cord, hold my hand, and just be there for us! Asya arrived right after along with my aunt and later my very good friend Britt.

Let the new Journey Begin.

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    October 31, 2016 at 2:36 am

    Yeah that’s what I’m talking about bac-iyn-be work!

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