The Uncontrollable Kid at the Playground

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On the Slide in our yard.

On the Slide in our yard.

All of our children enjoy going to the park to swing, slide, go across the monkey bars, etc. We enjoy watching them play and get excited to see other kids that they have formed friendships with. Sounds like sunshine and rainbows, no?

No! I personally hate taking my daughter to the park because some kids are jerks and their parents just don’t pay them any mind. I follow my daughter around at the park to make sure she doesn’t fall, or get into something she has no business getting in(bigger slides, monkey bars, etc). She’s only 2 by the way. I also have to watch the kids who’s parents are too busy yapping away and sitting on the bench. I watch those kids to make sure they don’t push anyone, or are mean to anyone ESPECIALLY my kid.

What made me start watching these kids? That’s what you’re thinking right? Well, a few weeks ago we went to the park and being as though my kid is only 2 she is still very careful and takes her time because I tell her too and I am sure she doesn’t want to fall. Well this little JERK tried shoving her out of the way by/on the slide. So, I had to step in and check him that ONE i see him and  TWO I will not allow him to push her or any other kid. When I went to look and see where or who his mother/father/nanny was I saw no one close enough paying attention to him. He looked at me like I was crazy, I guess they don’t discipline him at home. It’s not his fault because he probably doesn’t know better but his mama better not be mad when other parents are disciplining her child.

Another incident was a boy running around trying to spit at other kids. He had to be around four and his mama was sitting on the bench playing on her phone. She had no clue what he was doing until I loudly told my daughter to stay away from kids like him because he just doesn’t know better and spitting in disgusting. His mama looked up saw him and went back to her phone. Well, that explains his behavior!

I will continue to correct these kids one way or another. If you don’t like it then make sure you discipline your children at home. What goes on inside pours out into the streets.

Now, if for some reason my daughter was acting up, pushing, being mean, spitting, etc and I wasn’t around… I really hope that someone would be there to Check Her and correct her. I totally get it if you have 2-3 kids and are at the park trying to attend to one kid while the are two are going nuts. Well, we have to work as a team and help one another out.

Don’t like it? Keep your kid at home away from other kids who have sense and are corrected right away by their parents when they aren’t doing what they should be.

-Annoyed Mama

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