TTC Baby #2 & Week by Week

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Well! My life is a big fat planner. Everything that I have accomplished in life has been planned from the age 13. I’ve always known I wanted to be married by 24, have my 1st child at 24, finish school by 24, be settled by 25 and comfortable by 30. I have also had a very specific plan to have kids since i want 4!! Yes, I want 4 kids! Will I actually have 4, well only time will tell. I hope we can afford and grow our family to whatever number we want and whatever number is meant for us. That bring me to this… I wanted to get pregnant in August because I just did not want to be pregnant in the summer. Well, things don’t always work out as planned if God doesn’t want it for you. I actually believe I had a chemical pregnancy because I had a few very faint positive tests. Anyways, it didn’t go as planned. Now being as though my husband is an OTR trucker it’s hard to DTD on specific days. This is all new to me because with Ava we were just like “Okay, today is the day we will make a baby” and BAM! A few days ago I told Curtis “I don’t want to try anymore. If it’s meant to happen it will happen.” WELL!!!! I am 8 dpo, i have been so hungry, my breasts are soar…sooo I decided to take a test (or 10). Which are all coming out POSITIVE. Faint, but they are 100% positive. _________________________________________________

Aunt Flow was supposed to arrive on October 25th. Well, it came and went and at the moment I am 12 Days late OR 6 weeks pregnant. I have had one appointment where the doctor just basically confirmed the pregnancy. Up until yesterday I haven’t had any strong symptoms of pregnancy. All my symptoms were present before aunt flow was due. After I actually missed my period the symptoms were gone. There were a few days where I was just annoyed and frustrated. I notices i had no patience with Ava and everything was irritating me. That lasted about 3 days. Now, yesterday(November 5th) was the first day i had nausea and an extremely bad head ache. Over all I have to say so far so good! _________________________________________________

By the time you all read this I am more than likely at the end of my 1st trimester. Very few people were told just because I have had a miscarriage before and wouldn’t want to go through telling people and then telling them “nevermind, I misscarried.”


_Week 8

I had my 2nd appointment. They did blood work and actually scheduled me for an early ultra sound. Reason being for that early ultrasound is because I have been having pains in my right ovary(so i think). I felt this pain when I had a cyst so it did concern me. I told my doctor and she did an exam and didn’t seem too concerned. Anyways, other than that I’ve been pretty good as far as symptoms go. Minimal nausea which was my biggest fear. Just this week I’ve started feeling sleepy in the afternoons by sleepy I mean IF Ava goes to sleep so do I. I noticed my self becoming much more calm and relaxed. I remember being pregnant with Ava I was so nervous and paranoid. I didn’t drink coffee, have seafood, or eat lunch meat. This time around I am just going with the flow. I am having everything but in moderation. I plan on telling everyone on December 26th. My parents will have their birthday dinner and will have all of our family there. I will probably take photos of Ava and frame them and gift them to everyone. In the photo will be the announcement.

Stay TUNED for that!


__Week 15

I know I am not consistent but that’s because this pregnancy has been so different than my 1st. My first pregnancy something new was happening every week. This time around my first 14 weeks were very smooth and different. Not this week has been complete hell! I have had migraines to the point i had to vomit. I have had to throw up if I don’t eat as soon as I am a tad bit hungry. Also, I have just been exhausted!

I have also been feeling a bit guilty. When I was pregnant with Ava I was so excited and focused on my pregnancy. This time around I feel like it’s just flying by and i am not paying it any mind. 🙁


Ladies how did you feel during your 2nd pregnancy?


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