Wasting to Saving Money

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This year I want my family and I to focus on smart spending and even smarter saving. We, as well as you like to waste money. Waste!! Throw it out!! Literally, spending it before making it. Credit cards allow us to do that and keep us as slaves to pay them back. Why do we spend what we do not have? Well, at the moment it’s almost like it’s free. Then the bills roll in and we question every purchase we ever made. Especially because most of the time we spend money on THINGS the excitement and the rush is long gone by the time it’s time too pay the money back.

In 2017 I will not use any money that I do not have in hand. IF I do it will only be for an emergency.


Let’s talk about throwing money out.

*Clothes that we want and wear once or twice.

*Coffee that we buy for $5!! Yes, one cup for $5 because I went to Starbucks the other day and got a cup of coffee and a sandwich and paid $10. I could have literally made a whole breakfast meal with that money. Coffee included.

*Fast food, take-out, dinner dates(restaurants), etc.

*Even things for the kids can put a whole in your pocket. Don’t take your kids with you to the stores unless you have intentions of buying them something. I usually tell my daughter “We are not going for you today. You are just tagging along”. I also try to avoid the toy/kids departments when she is with me.

Saving this year will be a must. By saving I don’t mean stacking money where it’s just sitting there. I mean I will no longer spend on things that I can go without. I will apply that money to our dept and once that’s down we can focus on saving. Better yet investing and growing it.

I will keep you all posted on this journey since it is very new for me. Perhaps I will post monthly updates.

What do you throw your money away on? How do you plan to get it under control? Please comment below and fill a girl in!!

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